Tianrui Electronics Held its first half of 2017 work summary meeting

2017-08-03 11:40:00

  From July 21 to July 22, 2017, Tian Sui Electronics Co., Ltd. held its first half-year work summary meeting in Hubei headquarters. He Bin, general manager of the board of directors, all the members of the management office, Nanjing Branch, Company and marketing center, research and development center, manufacturing center, group finance department, group human resources department and overseas business department. The meeting was chaired by Min Wenjie, deputy general manager.


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  In the first half of the year, total contract value of our contracts increased by 32% over the same period of last year, sales revenue increased by 12% over the same period of last year, and important operating indicators reached more than half. The target customer market for electric power equipment witnessed a good growth as a whole. Two regions in East China and North China led the way, with significant progress in distribution networks and medium-high voltage. Among them, the signing of the distribution network contract amount increased by 50%, high-pressure products revenue growth of over 100%, the product on-line elimination rate control 180PPM below. This year, ”one or two times fusion“ has drawn much attention. The hot sales of series products have witnessed rapid progress in our ability of marketing, automation manufacturing, market & supply collaboration. Based on 10KV of ECT / EVT, Transient recording type refers to the means, LPCT coil and other innovative products continue to be introduced, more determined to focus on quality, to the high-end and brand transformation. As long as continuous improvement, continue to summarize, Tianrui burst out more vitality.
  Looking forward to the next five months of work, is still the customer, supplier and supply plan integration of the three priorities. Building around the market demand and the ability to operate an efficient supply chain is the major contradiction currently facing our company, accelerating the automation of product manufacturing, speeding up the transformation of our target customers from non-standard to intensive standards, Rammed manufacturing base.
  Meeting, General Manager He Bin pointed out that the company is a big platform, we must have the sense of ownership, active work, life unity and fraternity, and establish a ”strong platform for the development of the company proud“ professional ethics, gather positive energy, to abandon the singles Independence of the old habits, to truly appreciate the joy of winning the team. All companies, major ministries responsible for various ministries and business technical backbone in the process of bringing the team, has a natural, unshirkable responsibility.
  In the ensuing work, ministries should take the work standardization as a leader, conscientiously implement the rules and regulations so as to ensure that there is law to follow, law enforcement must be strict, and laws must be complied with. All departments should step up coordination of plans and respond well to the peak of product supply in advance , The quality and quantity to complete the work handed over to the customer; all departments to strengthen staff skills upgrading and corporate culture, explore the best people, encourage the training pacesetter, in order to meet the greater challenge Deliverer, will lay a solid foundation for the company's continued operation basis.
  Finally, the delegates unanimously agreed on the work of the General Assembly to discuss the resolution, set a timetable for the follow-up work, ensure the smooth completion of the work for the whole year and conclude the successful conclusion of the conference.

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