China-Japan Joint Conference on New Generation of EV Charging Technology Held

from:China Electricity Councildate:2020-06-23

On June 19, China Japan Joint Conference on New Generation of EV Charging Technology jointly sponsored by CEC, State Grid Corporation of China, CHAdeMO and Tokyo Electric Power Holding Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. The conference released a new generation of Chaoji Charging Technology White Paper and CHAdeMO3.0 Standard.

Guo Huanxin, from State Administration for Market Regulation, pointed out in his speech that standardization has played an important role in supporting the sustainable and healthy development of electric vehicle industry in China. The charging facility technology and standardization cooperation between China and Japan proposed a new charging technology Chaoji scheme for the future, sharing China's solutions and contributing wisdom to the world.

China-Japan Joint Conference on New Generation of EV Charging Technology Held-1

Guo Wei, from the National Energy Administration, pointed out that the safety and charging experience of electric vehicles are the bottleneck of the current development of electric vehicle industry. It is necessary to transform the construction and development methods of charging facilities, effectively improve the charging experience, and strengthen international cooperation.

Naoyasu Yoshimura, from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, congratulated the achievements of the cooperation between CEC and CHAdeMO, hoping that both parties will accelerate the establishment and promotion of international standards, unify the current four international charging interface standard programs, and make contributions to the development of the global electric vehicle industry.

China-Japan Joint Conference on New Generation of EV Charging Technology Held-2

According to Wangzhixuan, Vice President of CEC, since the signing of the memorandum of understanding with CHAdeMO in 2018, the cooperation between the two sides has achieved fruitful results. In the next step, both sides will continue to improve the Chaoji scheme and jointly promote international standards; make the Chaoji project become an open research platform for experts from all over the world, gather the world's wisdom and standard consensus, and jointly promote the Chaoji scheme to the world and the future.

The conference released a new generation of ChaoJi Charging Technology White Paper and CHAdeMO3.0 Standard, and two Chinese national standards related to Chaoji charging technology were officially launched. In order to promote ChaoJi Charging Technology, China and Japan initiated a joint research project on industrialization roadmap. Experts from China and Japan jointly conducted technical interpretations of ChaoJi Charging Technology, and invited experts from home and abroad for interviews.

The official release of the White Paper and CHAdeMO3.0, the revision of two charging technology related national standards in China and the launch of the research on the industrialization roadmap of Chaoji Charging Technology marked that the Chaoji Charging Technology is basically mature and has entered a new stage of standard formulation and industrial application, which is a milestone for the development of electric vehicles.

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