CEC cooperates with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to carry out evaluation of the implementation effect of the national industrial and commercial electricity tariff policy

from:China Electricity Councildate:2020-05-29

Recently, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to "further reduce the production and operation costs of enterprises and extend the policy of 5% reduction of  industrial and commercial electricity tariffs to the end of this year". This is the third consecutive year that Premier Li Keqiang clearly stated in the "Government Work Report" the target for reducing the industrial and commercial electricity tariffs. The policy of this year not only includes general industrial and commercial users, but also benefit all large industries except for high energy consumption users.

Since 2018, CEC has continuously carried out annual evaluation on the implementation of the national industrial and commercial electricity tariffs reduction policy. CEC adheres to the principle of "scientific, independent, objective and fair" to promote the implementation of the national policy of electricity tariffs reduction.

Through the two consecutive years of electricity tariffs reduction in 2018-2019, the national general industrial and commercial electricity tariffs  has declined significantly, with a total of 21 provinces decreased by 19%. Among them, in 2019, the electricity tariffs of 19 provinces decreased by 10%.

In order to effectively improve the efficiency of power resource allocation, CEC will focus on the research of the policies and market-oriented measures to solve the problem of indirect power supply users, the market access and rights of industrial and commercial users  in the electricity spot market and the demand-side management, thus to further reduce the unit electricity cost rationally, and effectively reduce the energy consumption per unit output value and pollutant emissions of enterprises.

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