CEC actively to fight against COVID-19

from:China Electricity Councildate:2020-01-31

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CEC has thoroughly implemented the relevant requirements of government and has carried out effective measures on the prevention and control of COVID-19.


CEC set up a leading group for the prevention and control of COVID-19, led by the executives of CEC. The leading group issued the "Urgent Notice on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19" to all departments, branches and indirectly administered associations, and started the prevention and control of COVID-19 action immediately.(1): Require all departments and branches to report the situation of COVID-19 every day; (2) Comprehensively checked the situation of employees in/out Beijing during the Spring Festival holiday, filled out the summary form of employees' health status strictly, counted the planned time of returning to Beijing of the employees, required the employees in Hubei not to return to Beijing. The employees who have returned from Hubei to Beijing need to observe themselves at home for 14 days, and report the health status in time;(3) Suspected patients, confirmed patients and close contacts shall cooperate with the investigation, isolation treatment and home observation in accordance with the regulations;(4): During the prevention and control of COVID-19, personal protection, office area disinfection and registration system for visitors should be carried out. The collective meetings & activities of all departments (branches) in February and the investigation and research on business trip are suspended.

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