Construction of Supporting Power Grid for Beijing 2022 Completed

from:China Electricity Councildate:2021-02-04

The 110kV power transmission and transformation project for the Capital Gymnasium, built and maintained by State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company(State Grid Beijing),went into operation on December 21. So far, all 12 supporting power grid projects for 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing are in operation. Coupled with the recently completed projects in northern Hebei, all such projects for Beijing 2022 are in place. Next, State Grid Beijing and State Grid Jibei Electric Power Company(State Grid Jibei) will secure reliable power supply for the event.

State Grid Beijing: Energizing Green Olympics

On December 18, the power operations management system mostly finished for Beijing Winter Olympics, was undergoing debugging in the emergency operations center of State Grid Beijing. Logging onto the system interface, six modules, including “Strong Grid”, “Operations Management”, and “Green Power”, are displayed on the screen. An operator can easily see relevant information such as the names, contact information, and inspection shifts of maintenance personnel within a few clicks.

 Construction of Supporting Power Grid for Beijing 2022 Completed-1

Staff of State Grid Beijing inspects devices to guarantee operation of the 110kV substation for the Capital Gymnasium

Building strong grid is an important premise of providing safe, reliable power supply for Beijing 2022. Based on analysis of the capital’s grid and power demand of the venues, State Grid Beijing properly mapped out and built 12 supporting power grid projects in Beijing competition areas, including four 500kV, two 220kV, and six 110kV power projects.

In nearly two years of construction, staff of State Grid Beijing devoted great enthusiasm to building those supporting grids. Projects were built up one after another. In Yanqing District, workers braved biting winter wind to build a substation on the 2,198-meter peak of the snow-covered Xiaohaituo Mountain. In Chaoyang District, they embraced integrated landscape design and innovative construction techniques to blend substations into Winter Olympics venues. In Shijingshan District, they took the initiative to match power demands for the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park, Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Shougang Winter Olympics Training Center, and Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, connecting the century-old Shougang Group to the public grid.

State Grid Beijing has involved 1,173 workers to form 23 power supply support teams for Beijing 2020, covering key venues and facilities in Beijing. These teams mainly engage in power support duties such as equipment safety assessment and hazard elimination, power supply planning for temporary facilities, analyses of critical loads, and equipment acceptance and commissioning.

“Green Olympics” is one of the core commitment of Beijing 2022,with newly built venues run 100% on renewable power. On June 29, the Zhangbei Renewable Energy Flexible DC Grid Test and Demonstration Project by State Grid was put into operation. The project, breaking 12 world records, connects the Zhangbei New Energy Base, the Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station, and the Beijing load center. It channels about 14TWh of clean electricity annually to fully meet the power demands of Winter Olympics venues, doubling the amount of clean energy in Beijing grid.

State Grid Beijing has also built a smart charging network for the event. With 12 charging stations and 383 charging piles built for new energy vehicles, it has achieved the full coverage of charging piles for the areas around the Winter Olympics venues and the Beijing section of the Beijing-Chongli Expressway, making it easier for drivers to watch games and go skiing. The underground car park of Wukesong Gymnasium has installed 80 60kW DC charging piles and 120 7kW AC charging piles, enabling the charging for some 1,300 vehicles per day. In addition, in the Banquan Service Area of the Beijing-Chongli Expressway in Yanqing District, State Grid Beijing has built a state-of-the-art 480kW high-power multi-vehicle demonstration charging station, the first of its kind in China, with greatly boosted charging efficiency.

State Grid Jibei: Powering Olympics Venues

At the opening ceremony of the Second Hebei Ice and Snow Games on December 21, the National Ski Jumping Center “Snow Ruyi” in Chongli was officially unveiled. It was the debut of “Snow Ruyi” after it was put into use upon passing the acceptance of the International Snow Federation.

 Construction of Supporting Power Grid for Beijing 2022 Completed-2

Staff of State Grid Jibei conduct the acceptance inspection of a transformer in the power supply complex of the National Ski Jumping Center

The National Ski Jumping Center is located in the Guyangshu competition area, a core zone of the Winter Olympics. The landmark “Snow Ruyi”, named after the auspicious traditional Chinese decorative object “ruyi” (a symbol of good fortune) for its similarly S-shaped tracks, is one of the newly-built venues for Beijing 2022. Its name showcases traditional Chinese culture and sends a friendly message to the world.

State Grid Jibei designed and built five supporting power grid projects for Beijing 2022, adding cables equivalent to 137-km single circuit line. It completed five double-ring grids powered by the Yunding and Aoxue 110kV and the Guyangshu 220kV substations, securing the reliable power supply for Zhangjiakou competition zone.

On November 3, the No. 1 and No. 2 10kV switching stations of the Winter Olympic Park in Chongli were put into operation, capping all 10kV supporting power grid projects in the area.

In early 2019, Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company had already organized a power supply support team with 32 experienced technicians for the competition area. On February 18, 2020, it further established the Winter Olympics support center. Strictly following the requirements of “integrating construction with maintenance”, the support personnel participated in the design and construction of Winter Olympics venues, so as to gain comprehensive knowledge about key sections and operations of critical power supply equipment.

To establish accurate profiles for key accounts outside the competition area, Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company adopted an approach that allows dedicated files and solutions for each client. The company took the initiative to contact each client, tailoring power supply guarantee schemes for the duration of the games while establishing general files such as contact persons of clients, power line information, and conditions of emergency power supply and power-consuming facilities. It has meticulously reviewed the inspection schedules for those key accounts to ensure safe, stable operations of power line and equipment, and prevent any possible vandalism, so as to secure power supply for the Winter Olympics.

Since October, Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company has actively contacted government authorities and its clients to identify key accounts outside the competition zone. After entering them in the records of the municipal Office of Winter Olympics Affairs, it has achieved government-led dynamic control and real-time tracking on hazard elimination, ensuring safe, stable operations of the power equipment for key clients during Beijing 2022.

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