Zhangbei-Xiong’an 1,000kV UHV AC Project Completed

from:China Electricity Councildate:2020-08-28

On July 21, the Jibei section of Zhangbei-Xiong’an 1,000kV UHV AC transmission and transformation project was built up as the last conductor in the 3R003~3R012 section of Wei County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei was properly placed, following the completion of the Hebei section on July 18. As thus, the whole project has been completed.

Zhangbei-Xiong’an 1,000kV UHV AC Project Completed-1

Zhangbei-Xiong’an 1,000kV UHV AC transmission and transformation project passes through Taihang Mountains

The project has a total length of 2×319.9 kilometers starting from Zhangbei UHV substation in Zhangjiakou and ending at Xiong’an UHV substation in Baoding. It crosses nine counties (districts) such as Zhangbei County, Wanquan District, Huai’an County, Yangyuan County and Wei County in Zhangjiakou, and Laiyuan County, Yi County, Xushui District, and Dingxing County in Baoding. The Jibei section of the project has a total length of 2×218 kilometers, of which 2×132 kilometers are erected on the same tower with double circuits, and the remaining 2×86 kilometers in parallel with two single circuits, and has built 558 new towers. 234 new towers have been built in the Hebei section of the project.

Since the project started in March 2019, guided by State Grid Department of UHV Transmission Projects, the construction and management units, i.e. State Grid Jibei Electric Power Company and State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company, have overcome challenges of difficult construction, short working period, and epidemic containment, strengthened coordination with local governments and construction units, and dealt with various problems to ensure the completion of the project in time.

 Zhangbei-Xiong’an 1,000kV UHV AC Project Completed-2

Construction personnel eliminate defects before project acceptance

As a key project of State Grid critical to the UHV ring grid in North China, the project adopted UHV AC technology featuring long distance transmission with large capacity, and will transmit abundant clean power in Zhangjiakou to the load center of Xiong'an, without increasing the burden of Beijing's 500kV ring grid. Upon operation, it will deliver more than 7TWh of clean power to Xiong'an every year, realizing 100% clean power supply to the New Area.

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