CSG Cloud Platform Now Online;
Promotes Turnkey Digital Transformation

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2019-07-22

 CSG Cloud Platform Now Online;<br>Promotes Turnkey Digital Transformation-1

Guangzhou - Seeing is believing.

And when it comes to the cloud platform of China Southern Power Grid Company (CSG) - which was officially placed into operation this summer - a full demonstration of its advanced technologies was part of the launch as cloud computing, big data analysis and artificial intelligence are just some of the exciting new features available to millions of business, leisure and residential customers.

The new China Southern Power Grid Cloud Platform features an entirely new integrated infrastructure in line with the industry’s advanced technology applications.

Without question, CSG senior managers have grasped the historical opportunities of this “fourth industrial revolution” and have taken digitalization as an important path for the Company’s strategic transformation.

With focus on the three directions of the digital power grid, digital operation, and digital energy ecology, CSG has taken an impressive leadership role in the construction of Digital China Southern Power Grid with an advanced platform for smart grid operators, energy industry value chain integrators and energy ecosystem service providers through the digital transformation of all element of the entire Company.

As the most significant basic platform for the company’s digital transformation, CSG Cloud is a key measure for cloud-based, service-based and open IT architecture upgrades. In addition, as an important anchor for the company to improve its digital platform and to foster new development opportunities, this cloud platform serves a crucial milestone in China Southern Power Grid’s digital transformation.

CSG Cloud is a unified basic technology platform for the entire grid network, and as such, all customers can apply through the network for resources and services with this platform.

CSG Cloud running on-line can be expected to effectively centralize and manage the important resources of the entire business network, optimize resource allocation and shorten the resource delivery cycle.

Additionally, this platform can provide strong support for the rapid construction and upgrade of various business scenario applications to enhance the end user experience.

CSG Cloud is a realization of an in-depth integration of digital technology and business, which will dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of the company’s production, operation and management.

CSG Cloud will also aid in marketing energy ecosystem construction and with the advent of near instantaneous 5G technology, CSG Cloud will soon offer many new and exciting innovations for millions of customers throughout South China.

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