Huaneng issues three 1.5 billion dollar bonds in London


Huaneng issues three 1.5 billion dollar bonds in London

On December 3rd, China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. issued(fixed pricing) 1.5 billion dollar bond. It is a multiple-year bond under S clause, high-level unsecured USD bond with fixed rate.The bond issuance was guaranteed by China Huaneng, China Huaneng Group (Hong Kong) Treasury Management Holding Limited, a fully-owned overseas subsidiary, as the main issuing body. The capital gained will be planned and operated by China Huaneng Group Treasury Management (Hong Kong) Limited, China Huaneng’s overseas capital management platform.

It is the first time for Huaneng to issue overseas bonds after its credit rating. It is also Huaneng’s first time to issue 10-year long-term bond, setting record as the largest overseas bond issuance from power enterprises. Also, the 3-year USD bond is of lowest yield rate and narrowest interest rate differential among China-invested companies.

It is known that this time’s three issuances order sheet has good momentum. Investors have enthusiasm to subscribe, among them are well-known sovereign funds, capital management companies, and insurance investors.The interest rate differential of the three issuances are all better than those of comparable enterprises with same credit rating level on the secondary market, fully reflecting the high recognition from international investors to Huaneng.

From November 26th to December 4th, Chief Accountant Wang Yihua led a delegation for roadshow in Hongkong SAR, Singapore, and London. During the roadshow, Wang visited EMA, Tuas Power in Singapore, and Minety Project Company in London.

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