All Units of Huaneng Wunonglong Hydropower Station Put Into Operation


All Units of Huaneng Wunonglong Hydropower Station Put Into Operation

On 8:00pm, July 13th, the No. 4 Unit of Huaneng Wulongnong Hydropower Station passed the 72-hour test run, and formally entered operation. Thereafter, all four units of the station were put into operation.

Wulongnong Hydropower Station is located within Diqing Zang Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is the cascade II station under the development plan of hydropower stations at the upper reaches of Lancang River. The total installed capacity is 990MW. The annual electricity output is 4.416 billion kwhs. All units being put into operation for power generation injects strong momentum to the country’s energy saving and emission reduction, the West-to-East Power Transmission Project, and the branding of ‘Green Energy’in Yunnan Province. It also is important for Yunnan to propel the development of power industry as a pillar industry, with hydropower as the main source.

It is reported that, the station closely follows high-quality operation for power generation as the goal, actively tackles the challenges, for instances, transportation inconvenience and obstacles, simultaneous construction of roads and the station, limited investments, difficulties in materials supply, and focuses on installation quality of the units and the construction period management, successfully accomplishing all the tasks of the construction. The four units’ parameters of throw and vibration, temperature and temperature differences, etc. are better than the good criteria of national and industrial standards. Unit 2, 3, and 4 were put into operation before schedule, with more than 200 million RMB benefits created by additional power output. The RCC dam construction quality and technics is internationally leading. The leakage amount of the basic corridors set the minimum leakage record among the same type of dams in China, accredited as the Dam of “Three-Nos”, namely, no cracks on the dam’s surface, no water leakage from the dam’s body, and no deficiencies on the dam’s curtain. A core sample, with diameter of 240mm and height of 25.9m, was successfully extracted from the No.5 section of the dam, becoming the longest three-graded aggregate RCC core sample.

During the construction, the station actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, invested 550 million RMB to construct a sight-seeing tourism project which is integrated with nature, promoting the coordinated development of the station and the local ecological environment, and elevating the local tourism value. Till now, the station has invested 13 million RMB in poverty alleviation aids, and supported the region to form the transportation artery which connects prefectures and counties, effectively prompting fast socio-economic development in the region.

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