Huadian capacity in Jiangsu province exceeds 10,000MW with #1 Yangzhou power plant

from:China Huadian Corporation

At 00:30, March 31, No.1 unit of China Huadian Yangzhou 2×40MW, a F-class gas turbine was commissioned after a 168-hour full load test run, adding Huadian installed capacity in Jiangsu province to 10,270MW.

Built on the same location where 2×220MW coal-fired units were operated, this project is a major part of adjusting energy mix in Jiangsu province. The newly commissioned unit marks a new breakthrough of China Huadian Yangzhou company’s leap from a coal-fired power generator to one more reliant on natural gas. 

China Huadian currently has 16 gas-fired units in operation and 5 in construction, accounting for 50% of Jiangsu province’s total capacity of the same kind. In 2016, Huadian’s gas-fulled fleet in Jiangsu generated 15 billion kwh in total, where 1.2 million tons of coal would be consumed and 3.6 million tons of CO2 emitted otherwise, leaving no SO2 and suspended articulate into the atmosphere. 

China Huadian Jiangsu company would put another 3×1375MW into operation by the end of 2017, increasing Huadian’s total nameplate capacity in Jiangsu province to 11,635MW, 60% of which are dependent on clean energies.

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