Wudongde hydropower station unveils nameplate

from:China Three Gorges Corporationdate:2019-11-11

Wudongde hydropower station unveils nameplate-1

Wudongde hydropower station unveiled the nameplate for its powerhouse plant at the construction site on November 5, a step closer for the world’s third largest hydropower plant under construction towards the power generation.

Located on the Jinsha River at the intersection of Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province, Wudongde hydropower station is the second largest hydropower plant under construction in China and the third largest under construction in the world. It serves as a major power source for transmitting electricity from the western areas to East China.

The construction of the hydropower plant started in December 2015 upon approval by Executive Meetings of the State Council. The first generators are expected to be commissioned in July 2020, and all units will be put into service by July 2021.

China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd., the listed subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) set up a task force in 2015 to launch the preparatory work for Wudongde hydropower station and Baihetan hydropower station.

With four years’ efficient construction, Wudongde hydropower station has finished the preparatory work for power generation and is ready to commission the first generators.

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