Ningxia Power Ningdong Company Titled ‘Best Digital Transformation Company’

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-09-28

On September 19, Ningxia Power Ningdong Company under China Energy was awarded among “Best Digital Transformation Companies in Western China 2022” at the 7th Western China Enterprise Informatization Summit. The company has made new breakthroughs in digital operation, intelligent production, smart management, visualized safety control, data value, and precise decision-making.

Ningxia Power Ningdong Company Titled ‘Best Digital Transformation Company’-1

The intelligent production emergency command and control center.

In recent years, the development of coal-fired power has faced resource and environmental constraints against the backdrop of policies such as promoting energy revolution, the carbon peak and neutrality goals, and digital transformation. This poses higher requirements for the production management and control capacity of coal-fired power plants. As a newly built 1MW coal-fired power plant, Ningdong Company takes the initiative to seek reform and innovation, exploring a path of developing smart coal-fired power generation in the digital era. Eyeing “digital operation, intelligent production and smart management” and adhering to a problem-oriented approach, the company gives full play to advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, mobile network, and artificial intelligence, and has formulated a top-level design plan featuring “one center, two platforms, three networks, and 6+11 modules.” It has gradually completed infrastructure projects such as the intelligent coal-fired power management and control center, full wireless coverage, personnel positioning, 3D modeling, and smart tools, laying a solid foundation for building a smart enterprise. It has also put into practice smart power generation modules such as smart alerting, optimization, automatic implementation, and ash cleaning, high-level on-duty monitoring, and online video-based analysis, which help enhance the visualization and reliability of operations. Intelligent patrol robots for coal handling corridors achieve unmanned operation in harsh conditions and save manpower. The real-time cost management system it developed integrates production and operation data, providing data support for refined cost control and precise decision-making. The intelligent production emergency command system can achieve GIS-based emergency response, supplementary analysis, and command scheduling, thus significantly improving the accident prevention and emergency response capacity, which is worth spreading. Ningdong Company is the first coal-fired power plant in Ningxia to introduce this system.

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