CHN Energy Liaoning Environmental Protection: For a Clean City and a Clear River

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-09

Lately, after several steps of treatment at the west sewage treatment plant of Liaoning Environment Protection Industry Co., Ltd. (“Liaoning Environmental Protection” for short) under CHN Energy, the urban waste water of Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, turned into clean water to flow into the Xihe River, the inner river of the city, and then merge into the Hunhe River, the mother river of Shenyang.

As the largest urban sewage treatment company in northeastern China, Liaoning Environmental Protection owns 10 municipal-level sewage treatment plants. Leveraging the force of the market, it has achieved win-win cooperation between the government and enterprises, and worked to promote ecological balance and build a beautiful city, forming a new, integrated sewage treatment landscape across the region. The company is responsible for sewage treatment, silt disposal, and investment and operation of recycled water projects in urban Shenyang. It takes up 49% of sewage treatment work in the urban areas of Shenyang, and conducts centralized drying treatment of the silt produced in the process. In 2022, the company treated 46,119.08 tons of waste water and reduced COD emissions by 78,800 tons, making great contributions to Shenyang’s sewage treatment and emissions reduction and ensuring the region’s water quality met relevant standards.

To accomplish the mission to turn sewage water clean, Liaoning Environmental Protection has conducted regular monitoring of risks concerning the water, vapor, noise, and dregs produced in the production process, and carried out full-process, looped oversight over key issues such as waste discharge permits and hazardous waste management. At the same time, based on relevant technical indexes, it has constantly optimized measures to control abnormal water intakes, and strengthened the construction of the sewage treatment environmental risks emergency response system. Its sewage treatment plants have taken rational measures to defuse environmental risks when facing nonstandard water intakes.

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