Wuhai Energy’s 5G-based FMMF Elevated Intelligent Mining Level

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-16

Recently, the 5G-based fully mechanized mining face (FMMF) developed by Wuhai Energy Limin Co., Ltd. under CHN Energy was successfully put into use. Leveraging the large bandwidth, wide connection and low latency of 5G network, it can achieve real-time monitoring and automatic control of mining equipment, thus advancing technological innovation, upgrading, transformation and safety development of coal mines.

Wuhai Energy’s 5G-based FMMF Elevated Intelligent Mining Level-1

The 5G-based FMMF in operation

Based on the previous 10-gigabit optical network, the company seamlessly connected the 5G network with the 10-gigabit industrial loop network, achieving full coverage of 5G signals. It can fully perform voice, video and data transmissions. Leveraging the unified 5G network that features information sharing, easy maintenance and high reliability, it meets network demand for scenarios such as underground miner communications, sensor data collection, video surveillance, and remote control.

With the help of the 5G network characterized by large bandwidth and high reliability, the FMMF achieves high-speed transmission of sensor data, video information, and parameter control signals and integrates ground control center, underground gateway control center, equipment monitoring devices, and inertial navigation devices. It forms an intelligent coal mine operation system that features comprehensive sensing, real-time interconnectivity, automatic analysis and decision-making, autonomous learning, dynamic prediction, and coordinated control, providing technological and safety support for efficient, safe and eco-friendly coal mining.

“The application of the 5G-based FMMF not only solved the problem of delayed signal transmission but also improved the excavation speed, underground environment monitoring capacity, data use capacity, and integrated management and control,” declared Liu Wenqiang, head of the Electromechanical Department, when talking about the changes brought by intelligent mining technologies. “It freed employees from harsh, dirty and dangerous working environment and strengthened safety management of coal mines.”

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