CHN Energy Jiangsu Branch Set Example for “Three Transformations” of 1GW Generation Unit

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-24

Recently, the “three transformations” (namely, energy-saving and low-carbon transformation, heat-supplying transformation, and flexible transformation) of the No.2 generation unit at Jiangsu Taizhou Co., Ltd. of CHN Energy as well as informatized, digital and intelligent transformation of its control system completed the first performance evaluation. The results showed that compared to the period before the renovation, the generation unit’s overall coal consumption dropped by 14.46g/kWh and its HP cylinder and LP cylinder efficiency increased by 7.27 and 2.08 percentage points, respectively. In addition, the renovated generation unit maintains safe, stable operation, with its comprehensive energy efficiency reaching the advanced level among the same type of one-time reheat units. This indicated that the renovation project has achieved all preset targets, marking a solid step forward on the road to enhance efficiency and quality of existing coal-fired power generation facilities.

CHN Energy Jiangsu Branch Set Example for “Three Transformations” of 1GW Generation Unit-1

The steam turbine platform of the No.2 generation unit in the Taizhou company

This is CHN Energy’s first 1GW generation unit steam turbine through-flow renovation project as well as one of its kind around China. Moreover, it is the industry’s first project that completed “three transformations” and control system informatized, digital and intelligent transformation at the same time. The project commenced on September 1, 2022 and was connected to the grid on December 26 of the same year. In terms of “three transformations”, it changed some components of the generation unit including high-pressure cylinder, middle-pressure and low-pressuer inner cylinders, and through-flow vanes and optimized steam inlet valve, extraction steam recovery, boiler steam, and other systems. After renovation, the generation unit’s coal consumption dropped by more than 12g/kWh in general and by more than 16g/kWh in low-load condition, thus saving standard coal of over 60,000 tons each year. Besides, its heat-supplying capacity was enhanced by 150 tons/hour to 500 tons/hour, and its peak shaving capacity reached as high as 20%. The renovated generation unit has achieved denitration at full load since it was connected to the grid, with its comprehensive energy service capacity and supplementary new energy consumption and absorption capacity significantly enhanced. In terms of the informatized, digital and intelligent transformation of its control system, the renovation involved the main engine, utility, dedusting and desulfurization, fuel and other systems, eradicating potential safety risks caused by the aging of electronic components and devices and comprehensively optimizing and improving the control and protection logics. In addition, advanced “made-in-China” chips were installed, accelerating the process of localized, integrated and intelligent development.

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