Split-core Three-phase Flexible Rogowski Coil
Split-core Three-phase Flexible Rogowski Coil Split-core Three-phase Flexible Rogowski Coil Split-core Three-phase Flexible Rogowski Coil

Split-core Three-phase Flexible Rogowski Coil

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BNWKLS-R series split-core three-phase flexible Rogowski coils are mainly used for the measurement and protection of three-phase current in power lines. The output signal is the differential of the current against time, and through an integrator, the measured current can be truly restored. The coil has excellent transient response ability, no hysteresis and magnetic and saturation phenomenon, wide measurement range, high precision and wide frequency response range. The split-core structure, flexible silicone rubber quilt and skeleton, can be used to measure the current of conductors with large size or irregular shape. The coil requires very little installation space, light weight, simple and convenient installation, and no need to damage the conductor. It is widely used in the measurement of large currents where the traditional CT measuring current cannot be used normally.
Product Features

Split-core structure, easy to install on site and easy to operate. Quick and easy installation or removal without disconnecting the primary cable under test, effective for safe and easy current testing;

Flexible structure design, can detect the current of irregular primary conductor;

Low output voltage, high linearity, wide frequency range, no saturation (without integrator);

The secondary output adopts RJ45 crystal terminal network cable, and the length can be customized according to customer requirements

Scope of Application
Measurement of high current AC signals (such as short-circuit current); measurement of pulse signals with high peak values (such as lightning current); analysis of harmonic current signals; current measurement of electric welding machines (such as resistance welding); measurement of irregular conductor currents (eg: rail current measurement); instrument measurement, clamp meter transformers (eg: measuring conductors with irregular dimensions).
Working Temperature -40℃~+70℃ Relative Humidity ≤90%
Voltage Level 0.4/0.66/0.72KV Accuracy Class 1%(with integrator)
Rated Input Current 10~2000A Rated Output Voltage 333mV
Linear Range 5%~200% Response Bandwidth 1HZ~1MHz
Integrator Power Supply 5VDC Insulation Strenth 1000MΩ/500V/min
Integrator Load Capacity >10KΩ Integrator with Capacitive Capability ≤0.1μF
Shell PC Flame Retardant Grade94-V0 Secondary Lead RJ45 Terminal Output
Skeleton and Quilt Silicone Rubber IP Protection Class IP65
Shape and Installation Dimensions
Model No.
Φ1 Φ2
BNWKLS-50R 400A 333mV 0.5
50 10
BNWKLS-80R 800A 80 10
BNWKLS-100R 1200A 150 10
RJ45 crystal head socket definition

We are a manufacturer has export qualification and experience.

instrument type at least 100pcs ;others by 1 -5 pcs;


Instrument transformer 20 thousand pcs ;current transformer 12 thousand pcs ;voltage transformer 11 thousand pcs.

We have a R&D team for new product design. Successful cases and in continued cooperation. Discussion among both sides ➡general specification ensure➡structure drawing ➡original sample ➡electrical

Standard Carton Export fumigatin-free tray Tray Film Edge fixing strip Vacuum packaging acceptable Customize size acceptable
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